The Importance Of Telephone Communication Skills

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The telephone is an amazing invention, allowing people to cmmunicate over any distance. And yet many people have trouble with using it for effective communication, something which is especially important in the business world. So lets discuss telephone communication skills as needed in two of the most common areas where this instrument is used: the home and the office.

So why are telephone communication skills required when we talk over a telephone. Simply, this is because nowadays most of the people take the telephone for granted. Thus, it has almost become a habit of daily life due to which one tends to forget basic etiquette in daily life and its routine.

As regards the use of telephone in a home, it should be understood that both parties, the speaker and the listener, should be receptive of what the other person is trying to express. It does not matter what you say and how you say. The fact is that the conversation will be meaningful only if both the parties are receptive.

The first thing that you need to do is to ask the other person whether he has time enough to speak or not. This will put you on the unobtrusive and courteous side. You can be assured that your conversation is going to be a receptive one.

The next thing to focus when you are talking with a person is to be active and respond positively to any kind of disturbances. If there are interruptions, say your door bell rang or any other work on your side is pending, inform this to the other person. State the truth that you need to attend and solve this first. Interruptions in between the conversation will only frustrate the two parties so the best thing is to solve the interruption first.

With this direct approach in communication, you will be able to develop good and mature relationships.

Now here are some useful tips that you need to maintain while you are attending a telephone in your office –

The first thing when you pick up the phone is to identify the name of the company, the department and then your name. If you are a self employed individual, then at first when you pick up the telephone speak out your name.

When you speak with any other person, no matter whether it is a client or a customer, speak out his name. This will make the other person feel good and also you are likely to remember the name. But remember not to overuse the name with familiarity.

Always remember to switch on the ‘hold’ button when you temporarily leave the phone.

Finally, one of the important tricks to improve your telephone communication skills is to record your voice. Than examine the voice, tone, vocal quality, friendliness and try to rectify the mistakes that you have. If you ask your friends, they would be able to recognize the deficiencies. This is even more beneficial so that you can correct yourself and go to speak with confidence.

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