The Ways To Effective Interpersonal Communication

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Communication in all its forms is an indispensable part of human life. One of the most widely used forms of communication is interpersonal communication. It takes place when two or more people communicate face to face and exchange their ideas and information. Interpersonal communication can be a part of formal or informal behavior.

Interpersonal communication helps people understand each other better as it involves body language and physical gestures too. Interpersonal communication is also very important for strong development of relationships amongst group of people. It increases the coordination level by clearing off all doubts and misunderstandings at the same time.

As said earlier, interpersonal communication can be formal or informal. Formal interpersonal communication helps a person know the professional productivity of others. Whereas, informal interpersonal communication emphasizes more on the personal aspects.

An organization as well as an individual must understand the importance of interpersonal communication. Sometimes, organizations do not give due importance to interpersonal communication and thus face severe consequences in terms of productivity.

The process needs to be smoothened to achieve the predetermined results. It can be achieved only when the sender transmits a complete message and the receiver understands it in the desired manner and a proper feedback is given.

The success of interpersonal communication rests upon the comfort level of both the persons. And if there is any bias among them, the message loses its authenticity. This can also happen if one of the people feels uncomfortable with communicating for any reason.

That is why it is important for people to know each other before performing a job. And this is the area where interpersonal communication focuses.

To increase the success of interpersonal communication, the message should be sent using simple language. It is important for the sender to understand the receiver without getting emotionally agitated. On the other hand, the receiver should properly listen to the sender and provide him with sufficient feedback.

It is important for sender and receiver to put constant efforts to make the process of interpersonal communication more fruitful. If there is no or less cooperation from any of them then the purpose may be defeated and effective interpersonal communication will not be achieved.

An organization must make sure that it keeps only those people in a group who enjoy a high level of relativity with each other so that the desired performances can be derived from them with minimum negative consequences.

The success of an organization depends upon various factors. Interpersonal communication is one of them and it is important to ensure that there does not arise any problem which may hamper the overall growth and stability of the organization.

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