The Importance Of Communication Skills For Women

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Communication skills are essential to work in groups, especially when dealing with people who are in positions of authority. It is integral as an avenue to express oneself. But as regards women, they most often complain that whether in workplace or in a general family gathering, their comments and opinions are not taken seriously. This brings into focus the relevance of communication skills for women.

Most people believe that passive communication is the main reason why women are not taken seriously in a professional setting. This is because assertive communication is more preferred in business environments and work related scenarios. Therefore, it is important for women to learn how to deal with this problem. The best thing to do is develop proper communication skills.

A must have in communication skill that a woman should possess a good body language. Studies have suggested that 60 percent of communication is conveyed through body language. So it is important to not be timid. That doesn’t mean one should be arrogant. A balance is required so it is best to smile as often as possible.

When you speak to a person especially for the first time, always address a person by the name. This is a sign of respecting that persons identity.

One important communication skill that women must give attention to is the handshake. A firm handshake speaks volumes about personality and confidence. Women should not shy away from solid handshakes. It is important to offer the handshake confidently with fully extended fingers and a flat palm. Also you should use a handshake to congratulate somebody or to confirm agreements.

Another important skill that women need in order to communicate effectively is the art of speaking. Some studies have often revealed that women often think a lot before speaking up. This practice of too much thinking devalues the answers of a woman because there are many interruptions if someone pauses too frequently to think.

While answering questions, women should be confident and should not be at any cost tentative. Also the use of profession specific language must be used to address work related issues in meetings.

Another aspect that is an important obstacle to the progress of women in communication matters is that they need to communicate effectively by taking issues seriously, not lightly. Some women can tend to be overly emotional or apologetic in work related issues. These are not good indicators of a good communicator.

Communication skills for women are integral to professional and personal progress. Basic etiquette in communication should be adhered to. With these useful tips, put them into practice and watch the positive results come in.

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