Role Of Communication In The Workplace

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Most organizations understand the need and importance of effective communication in the workplace and therefore concentrate to improve its standard. These organizations strongly believe that communication is the central point of all activities and everything else revolves around it.

To achieve the desired standard of workplace communication, constant efforts are required. Any failure in workplace communication results in chaos and defeated purposes. To avoid these situations, organizations need to make specific yardsticks and follow them strictly. Proper flow of communication in the workplace ensures harmony of objectives among all individuals. Any gap in communication or miscommunication hampers the coordination between various departments.

The methods followed for effective workplace communication vary among organizations. And the size and objectives play an important role to choose the best method to be applied. In a big organization both verbal and written communication are vital. Whereas, in small organization only verbal communication would be enough.

Communication is an exchange of information and it helps people understand the possible outcome of business processes. Therefore, it is important that the media chosen for communication is familiar among all people so that people can easily attain and provide information. To increase the effectiveness of workplace communication, a balanced combination of formal and informal means is beneficial. Gossip and rumors are indeed effective ways to circulate information and receive feedback.

Communication helps decide upon and achieve professional and personal goals. It is important for top level executives and managers to communicate with their juniors and clear their doubts. Regular interactions among various executives, ensures the meaningfulness and authenticity of information. It helps executives build positive attitude and strengthen their beliefs.

Effective communication can be done using various internal journals, magazines, pamphlets and intranet. They can serve as official proof of the happening of an event and other information.

Effective listening and trusting the speaker are two essential elements which help people concentrate on the subject matter of communication. While communicating, all people should keep the objectives of communication in mind and avoid any bias towards each other.

Communication in the workplace establishes a bond among people of various departments and converts them into one specific identity. Effective communication helps people save their precious time and increase personal and professional productivity.

Attempts should be made to seek feedback from the receivers of information to ensure that communication has actually taken place . Without a proper feedback, the process of effective communication is incomplete.

Several kinds of information are circulated in an organization on a daily basis but people need to understand which information is relevant for them and which is not. Communication in the workplace helps people understand what is expected of them and how to convert their talent into performance.

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